Trump, Testosterone and Trauma

Some days, the WSJ, for all of its quite evident bias against the welfare statism of the Democratic Party, gets the basic analysis of American politics quite right. The Journal and its opinionators can be devastatingly accurate about America’s conditional political morality in all of its myriad inconsistency. Tuesday’s Ops were right on, particularly William McGurn and Heather MacDonald with their scornful remarks about Democratic moralisms over sexual predation. (McGurn: And the Winner is Bill Clinton; MacDonald’s Feminists Turn Victorian).

Does this excuse Trump’s intemperate remarks of 2005 or the recent disclosures about his groping No, but it puts his sexual banter and furtive approaches to women where they belong. He is a sexual seeker and a boaster about his alleged sexual triumphs (not that we have any way to calibrate his asserted success nor should we applaud it). He would like to portray himself as a major Lothario with a great record of business triumphs. Neither his sexual musings nor his undisclosed tax returns really tell us much.

Bill Clinton’s conduct was better documented, as was his lying about it. (I did not have sex with that woman. ). Clinton’s answer should have been two fold: 1) who cares with whom I indulge my sexual appetites Hillary doesn’t seem to worry, so why should you’ 2) Yes, I lied about Miss Lewinsky and her predecessors, but what does that have to do with doing my job as President’

The answer is that Bill Clinton was also the chief law enforcement officer of the United States and fundamental respect for the Presidency was jeopardized by the entire episode. Lying in front of a Grand Jury is perjury, and that is a horrid example of political governance. It was a great disruption to our political system and the multitude of decisions that must be made daily by a disciplined chief executive. Bluntly, we got a part time President who was focused on avoiding an impeachment conviction. To use Hillary’s vernacular, was he temperamentally unfit to be President

Miss MacDonald had an even sharper knife. After discussing the interviewer’s (Ms. Zucker) partly clad attire and demeanor, on meeting Trump in 2005 on the set of Days of Our Lives,” MacDonald wrote, It is particularly galling to see the selective resurrection of Victorian values from the same crowd that has been pushing transgender locker rooms in the world in an effort to destroy the last shred of a girl’s innate sexual morality.

The Bottom Line: Trump is no doubt temperamentally different from well-scripted politicians of the present and recent past. He erupts; he tweets; he interrupts and his usually unthoughtful personal mouthing’s of his likes and dislikes offend many voters. You don’t like his behavior Okay, don’t vote for him. You prefer someone who lies cleverly and clearly Vote for Hillary! In the meanwhile, spare me the false malevolence of your political preferences. Just ask what the consequences might be for the erosion of your liberty as Government expands. Then, pull your preferred lever in the voting booth. Give them both credit for what they do well. Trump appeals to those white males who feel left out and deserted by their Government that is making equal outcomes override efforts for equal opportunity. Hillary is an establishment Liberal who believes there is no Government program she won’t support or increase to assist those who claim to be victims. She doesn’t address supply side programs that will increase economic growth. She is a relentless advocate for programs that will fuel the burgeoning scope of Government. She is for redistributing the wealth even if it makes economic growth even more difficult and less likely.

We may or may not be future victims of Trump’s temperament. If Hillary becomes President, we will be treated to an economy that grows slowly and whose consequent budget deficits will sap the vitality of the American economy. Choose your poison, Mr. and Mrs. Voter. It is up to you.

Trump’s testosterone seems unlikely to send him to the White House. Clinton’s hubris over the efficacy of Big Government is likely to lead to further restrictions to our freedom of choice. Testosterone or Trauma—either way, it will not be a happy outcome