The Beast Is Not Starving

(originally posted 9 9 2016 but lost through Web Host error)

The EUs attempt to get Apple to pay $14.5 in back taxes is only slightly amusing. It actually quantifies what business and households will be looking at going forward. The raging needs of bureaucrats and politicians to spend the Publics money—doing good even when it turns out badly—is ubiquitous. Here are the EU bureaucrats, mad not only at the Brits saying they want to take their toys and go home, but now the Irish. Ireland hasnt said it wants to leave (so far!). Maybe a wakeup call has been rung in Dublin How does one say Brexit in Gaelic

The facts of the bureaucratic claim to the taxes are a scandal. First, Ireland as a sovereign can write its own tax laws. And, if in the judgment of Irish politicians, cutting the corporate tax rate for Apple was good for Ireland, why is Brussels sticking its nose under the tent, now The answer is manifold.

First, the EU needs lots of money. The poor economics in the EU dont generate enough taxes for the Bureaucrats and the Europols. They need to be seen as doing something and that takes money and that rhymes with funny. Apple makes a lot of money—and in Euroland—making profits is sinful. Were it not, the ECB wouldnt be buying corporate debt!

once said that history repeats: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. Can there be a bigger farce than telling a Euroland member that what that country does to better the circumstances of its own people is not permitted This is political misgovernance gone berserk.

Well, the times are berserkLook at our Presidential election: Greshams Law applied to American governance. The Bad drives out the GooSecond, the Brussels gang doesnt like sharp differences in corporate tax rates between Euroland victims. Everybody should raise taxesparticularly the Euro members that think lower corporate taxes mean more business and more employment. So a deal made many years ago when Apple wasnt the powerhouse it is today simply stinks in Brussels. Its Unfair. Worse, it allows Apple to expand and do more of what it does best, innovate and disrupt.

Third, and here we can only conjecture, but the EU is also going after innovative industrial leaders: read Google, and Microsoft and individual countries in the EU (France) dont likeUber! Whats common here is that all four countries are innovative and disruptive.! And Europe values its quieteven at the expense of torpid growth. No one has to save a rich and growing countries. Bureaucrats need poor countries or countries that grow poorly to underscore their importance. Marxd. In a year in which by all rights the Republicans should have steamrollered the Democrats and captured the White House, as well as the Congress, the noise of the disgruntled allowed Republicans to choose someone who wants to march us back into a history of nativism and knownothingness. Some voters are bound to say, Well, it’s the year of the woman, even if she manipulates the truth as if it were Play Doh.

We are going to get the Governance we deserve, arent we